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Did you start using WebObjects in the last 12 months?







How did you start using WebObjects? (question asked only for beginners)

Took a new job where WO is used


Read about it on


a good old fellow told me


Please rate your WebObjects knowledge































Where do you go for WebObjects information and help?

API (JavaDoc) documentation for WebObjects and/or Project Wonder


The wiki


Mailing lists




Practical WebObjects book from Chuck Hill


WOWODC videos/conference


Apple's WebObjects documentation (excluding JavaDoc)


Safari WebObjects extension


Have you attended WOWODC in the past?





Are you aware of the community wiki (





Which version of Eclipse are you using?













Not using Eclipse


What challenges did you face in learning WebObjects?

Out-of-date documentation, no clear getting started guides (but much better now)

Installing Project Wonder (the install guide is not straight forward and pretty confusing to say the least, especially when the first two steps of WOLips and WebObjects have been covered - WonderSource doesn't compile without jumping through hoops).

Alot of out of date documentation, broken links on the Web Objects Wiki, as well as the headache of setting up my environment, were all things I found very challenging when learning Web Objects

I think there is not easy tutorials for new guys, sometimes i want to use a new wo-component but i don't know how to use it, so i'll try to search about in google and i just find nothing, maybe a short documentation. What this project need is show how easy is develop a web application with WO and Wonder, nobody wants to read a formal documentation, many people learns with real examples.
Other thing i have to face is the language, you surely notice i am not a english native speaker. I'm from Costa Rica that is a country in Central America.

Official documentation is now obsolete.

Lack of concrete examples.

Lack of concise how to guides with code snippets, examples and best practices along the way.

how to use and how to create EditingContext and the relationship in the modeler.

eomodeler and consult a data base query

the major challenge for me was to understand how the bindings work and the sequence for a response when a submit is present.

Tp get the stuff running on raspberry without Apache/wotaskd/Monitor for an embedded control device with web capabilities

Setup Development machines

Setup Deployment machines

Getting Deployment work like development does.

Fight with framework with out good documentation.

Just doing a lot of trial and error to getting things work.

Good documentation

Lack of active community

it's nice framework, and wondering components. I feel good.

What kind of training and/or documentation would have helped you the most?

Wiki/on-line resources

A better install guide - definitely.

Also, the documentation on the API files is a bit cloud-like - barely tangible...
I found that training videos, code walk throughs, such as those found on iTunesU for iOS, would have helped me set up my environment faster, and understand the basics alot faster as well.

Wonder's Examples.

Example code like the Ajax Examples in project wonder

I would like to see the subject of WO Security being covered more in depth. Is there any security holes in the standard WO that we could fix, etc? Also about deployment (a deployment guide for Linux would be best, since there are many of us moving to Linux)
Finally performance issues, how to enhance WO performance, concurrency, explanation of the various deployment settings that one can tweak, etc.

Organized documentation with a really good index, glossary, and next steps.

more documentation and examples.

examples..... how to do that.

Wonder api, and Apple api, also some forums have been helpful when i'm stuck. the training was provided for my company and almost did cover everything.

The books from Chuck hill and the documentation and videos from the wocommunity

Complete wiki documentation helped me a lot.....

What is your wish list for Project Wonder and WOLips?

Decent documentation.
Better/more unit tests.

Seamless install.

Port WO back to Objective-C? (smile)

Update documentations and clean up old frameworks.

Re-implement core WO.
Embrace Maven. Or Gradle. Or any standardized build system, really.

a button that would upload all the WOKnowlege into my head!!!

I would like to see us evolve away from Apple's implementations.

Release engineering used to be my main concern, though this has improved significantly in the past 12 months.

What we need now is better project management/governance. There are too many unilateral decisions being made all over the place---people committing significant changes directly to the repo without discussion, and usually without documentation, merging their own pull requests, and so on. There needs to be a much more orderly development process. If this means slowing down, then so be it.

More Examples! i.e. ERGrouping how to handle the ajax4j calls. The example on the ajax stuff in wonder are VERY good and really helped a lot

WOLips: implement simple graphical EOModel layout (please, Please, PLEASE!)
Better conceptual documentation suitable for beginners

Enlarge the Docs on wiki, in order to explain all the Wonder Frameworks, giving some example code for most used functionalities.

WYSIWYG editor for Wolips.

More streamlined install both for development platforms and deployment.

Better documentation on the API and components, generously sprinkled with sample code.

compatibility with eclipse Juno

get my ass in gear to contribute in 2013
Better documentation

To be compatible with Juno

It'd be great if SnoWOman or a similar CMS framework would find its way into project wonder. Otherwise I'm more than happy with what's available right now.
A multithreaded EOF alternative

Clean and document what's there, don't run off to new shiny stuff
Eclipse 4 support (stable)


  • Bugfixes, especialy in Entity Modeler
  • WOLips support for creating continuous Migration classes (e.g. when tables already exist but new rows are added, etc.)
  • A new book: WebObjects / Wonder / WOLips In Action (smile)

More Ajax component

to have its own IDE

More tutorials and examples.

D2W expanded
iOS integration (more REST)

New cool stuff stolen from RoR and other frameworks

Finally write a replacement for Apple's WebObjects

L'auto complétion dans WOD editor (wolips) ne fonctionne qu'une fois sur deux. Mais cela vient peut être de moi qui fait de fausses manip....

Better documentation, selfcontained installer for development environment

jQuery support
Android support

  • jQuery support
  • Bootstrap framework support
  • Java Monitor Enhancements for more stats + or WOStats integration woith Java Monitor

Better documentation, more examples

Well, I'll cheat since I've received Pascal summary of the community requests and I must say I endorse every single point of that list.

Yes jQuery is coming up more and more often in my everyday projects and since part of my stuff relies on ERPrototaculous, I'm struggling to make both work together. I currently manually load jQuery from my appendToResponse and then call var $j = jQuery.noConflict() to avoid overlapping the two. It's a pain and it should be easier but I can live with it.

WO-iOS-ERSync thing is by far my favorite and most interested one. If WO can reach a point where backing up apps with server side intelligence is as easy as loading a few frameworks, it would really bring my work to the next level.

All the points on the documentation are all true. We need more, we need better, but things have really changed in the last years. WO used to be an obscure thing for real affectionados. All the work of the last years has payed off. I used to find 90% of the solutions to my problem on the mailing list. Now it's 90% on the wiki or even simply searching on google. There's a lot of good stuff out there and it gets better every day. A few wo/wonder regulars have amazing usefull blogs and it's a joy to see wo still kicking after so many years.

Better documentation (was my long term second wish next to proper versioning (wink)

Nothing at the moment aside from continual development

A security framework
Update the Ajax examples that are obsolete
JQuery framework

Jquery framework
Cayenne modeler similar to eomodeler

1. To become independent of Apple. I like the idea of investigating using Cayenne as a replacement for EOF.

2. Better Migration support for PostgreSQL. I keep having to use raw sql in my migrations which I wouldn't need to do if using MySQL.

More examples, more shared libraries, Sync engine for WebObjects to iOS devices.

1. How to integrate WebObjects and iOS (mobile apps): client - server communication without the use of Javascript frameworks on the client
2. Easy setup and deployment like the good old Apple WebObjects

Better Documentation/Samples
Richer and more Modern GUI Component ( JQuery...)

Better strings file management that integrates d2w, localization and validation strings.

Better component validation.

Improved AJAX components using more CSS and less tables for formatting. CheckboxMatix, I'm looking at you.

better documentation and examples, stronger web presence

Pure AJAX integrations
CoreData / iOS
something besides Eclipse

jQuery version of Ajax frameworks. More example code and 'starter' projects... maybe dig up James 'Os (think that is who wrote it) wocode app and make it part of wocommunity. I also have that I would donate / pay for if the community wanted it.

Frameworks to integrate the latest looks with my favorite back end!

WOLips - stay on latest Eclipse. Falling behind makes WO feel even more "legacy"

Wonder - improve the commit/release process. Not sure how to do that, but I can't keep up with what is going into wonder and when these days. I also have no idea how long it will take a commit to go from integration to a release on master.

Speaking of branches, do we still feel the integration branch is still the best approach now that we've been doing it for a while? My understanding is that integration is there for 'someone' to test for a 'while' and then if nobody notices disaster, then its pushed to master.

I've been burned by this once already (AjaxDefaultSubmitButton) and as a result, the deployment at work is now on a frozen version of wonder from May of 2012. I would rather see more selenium and unit testing from contributors than the spray and pray approach. Those things build trust. Spray and pray builds fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

no have

only that they keeop giving support to this amazing tool.

I wish I could use them on a customer project

More JQuery and JQueryMobile.

1. A cleaned-up well defined way to use wonder and wolips, probably a triple form of documentation for some areas, which would have:
a) a tutorial video, b) wiki documentation, c) an example application/project to play with. All 3 forms of documentation would be great!
126 Better documentation
currently better guidance on how to contribute code
better overall strategy, guidance about direction

Better and up-to-date documentation

Documentation, documentation, examples, cookbooks

Compatibility with eclipse 4.2
More detailed API doc for the Wonder Frameworks

Handle identity PK's in MSSQL without cheetah flips.

Well documented frameworks.

Continue the great work! I have been using rails just to install gitlab and it is a nightmare once dependencies get in disorder. This is of course also true for WO but it seems to go more smoothly.
integration of Jquery would be nice....

Move from a model where it render html code snippet on the server (from page segment) and serve it on the client, to a model where we build a DOM structure and code (server and client) to allow a full feature user experience.

Better wolips support, we have hard times with different framework type (jar, bundle) and component validation in eclipse.

Do you want to make contributions to Project Wonder and/or WOLips? If yes, which one(s)?

I wouldn't mind helping out with updating documentation. I'm living in confluence right now, working on SOPs

Wherever it's needed. I use most of the core stuff.
Most interesting part (and core to WO's survival) would be contributing to making WO a better citizen in the java world though.

At some point, yes. Mainly Wonder, but possibly WOLips as well (I need to get more familiar with Maven, but support for Maven would be my primary area of interest).

JavaMonitor wotaskd

I plan to create pull requests for some bugfixes to ERModern in the next couple of months.

New version of WOServletAdapter (with PUT, DELETE support) and fixes for multiple WARs

Am thinking of a scaffolding framework (similar to Grails scaffolding) that is already in use in our company, but since the community is happy with D2W it seems that scaffolding would be obsolete for most WO users

sample projects

writing docs, writing introductory book

I have tons of code written for my stuff in a personal framework that I link to my apps. I would love to forward parts of it to wonder but I'm always afraid the quality is low-grade and have never actually proposed anything. I'm sure that something would be useful but I don't really know where to start from. Maybe a wiki page helping devs figure out what's needed and how to join the club...

Not yet, but recently I found something I should contribute.

Deployment documentation already under development

Improve ERD2W and ERModernLook

Yes, but still do not feel competent enough...

Translations to Catalan.

yes, code, documentation, testing, design

I would, if there were a tutorial how to contribute

Translate some documentation to spanish

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