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WOCOM - The WebObjects Community Wiki

WebObjects is a an integrated suite of freely available Java frameworks and tools that helps a developer to develop scalable, sophisticated applications for the Internet on most computers with Java support. This is the Wiki for the WebObjects Community. It aims to collect community resources and initiatives as well as point to existing WebObjects information available.

This site is managed by the Atlassian Confluence Enterprise Wiki software. The wiki consists of a number of confluence "spaces" which are listed if you click the Dashboard link in the upper left hand corner of this page. The Search box in the upper right allows you to conveniently search all "spaces" and pages in the wiki.

If you are a WebObjects developer, you are encouraged to sign up for a confluence account (account required to prevent wiki spammers) so that you can share your knowledge with the community. The more people contributing, the better the quality, accuracy and usefulness will be of the information here.

You can start on this page WO Resources and Ideas while this Wiki is being expanded.

We appreciate the help of everyone in the WebObjects community to expand and keep the information current, thanks.

An official mailing list for WebObjects is available here: . A separate community mailing list is available below.

WOCommunity Efforts

There are plenty of ways you can get involved with the community. View the WOCommunity Efforts page to see where you can help out.

Wiki TO DO List

If you can help out, we have a Wiki TO DO List

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  1. Could be a good thing in the "How to Contribute to this Wiki" to invite newbies (at least) to log in so they can add comments. This will be a good way to request more details on a given point of the related topic.