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WOCOM Developer Marketing Ideas

The following are various ideas collected from the mailing lists to promote WebObjects with developers and the mainstream technical press and public:

  • Conference Attendance / Speeches: Create some hype by going to conferences like O'Reilly's Web 2.0 so that we can show that WO is actually cool, but also better and more mature than solutions like PHP and Ruby On Rails.
  • Write advocacy articles about WO for sites such as

and associated blogs, Wikipedia entries and print press magazines. Example:

  • WO Foundation / Committee beyond "only" a website. Long-term idea of creating a foundation along the lines of successful examples such as

WO Community / Advocacy

Various initiatives are underway, please also see the Projects page.

WO - upcoming - upcoming

WO Forge - upcoming

Interview with Chuck Hill on WebObjects

Happy Birthday - WebObjects at 10 (March 2006) - Good historic overview

Interview with Jonathan Rentzsch on WebObjects

Opinion piece: Let's move forward WebObjects as "The WebObjets Community"

Why WebObjects ?

WebObjects Community T-Shirts

Should Apple open source WO - Yes or No ? (Opinion piece thread)

WO Comparison vs other IDE / Languages

Thesis paper comparing .NET to WO with source code (November 2005. WO 5.2 vs ASP.NET)
Very detailed. 63 pages, good resource

WO to Ruby on Rails (2005, Deirdre Saoirse Moen, Rails side) and

WO vs Ruby on Rails (2006, Jonathan Rentzsch, WO side)
Does anyone have these slides ?

WebObjects "Myths" vs Ruby on Rails

WebObjects vs other IDE (Discussion)

General Java Comparison vs other IDE / Languages (Server side)

Ruby vs Java
Rentzsch notes: incredibly frustrating to read from a WO standpoint. WO should have been "Java on Rails". In many ways it already is, but Apple just won't market it.

Ruby vs Java - 2006, Adoption and Technology Risk Profiles

Java and Ruby on Rails influence and
Project Able
Project Appfuse and

Java vs .NET - J2EE vs. .Net (Microsoft side) (Java side)

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