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We are the documentation task force:

Table of Contents

Documentation Committee Mailing List:


Next Meeting: 2012-04-30 08:00AM US/Pacific Notes

2012-03-27 Notes

  • Pascal did a tremendous job on kicking "your first project" pages in gear
  • two additional "first project" pages need to be completed, George to work on them
  • discussed moving deployment over to its own area
  • what's next after "first project" pages? dynamic components with live examples
  • Benny to work on deployment scripts and instructions for Linode

2011-11-28 Notes

  • update Wonder Wiki to use new "about" and "installation" content
  • update WOCommunity site's out of date links, and link to new content
  • add new Rest template to WOLips
  • move/use Klaus' Hello World app in the Wiki
  • begin work on Your First Rest Project
    • adding H2 to your project
    • creating your first model (focus on 2 entities Person and BlogEntry)
    • implement your migration
    • implement your rest controllers

2011-10-31 Notes

  • updated/focused TOC
  • going to use SimpleBlog as the example project, creating Rest and Session based versions
  • Benny to finish up the install pages
  • George to finish up the about pages

2011-09-26 Notes

Where does documentation live?  Much was discussed regarding duplicate content/etc.  The final verdict is this is the main entry point, "home", for documentation:

It seems many people jump into documentation from the WOCommunity's Getting Started page ( Pascal is going to update the page to point to this page.

Where do we focus? Everyone felt we should focus on the following:

Other comments/notes:

  • include a footer on each page that links to other sources related to its content (use tags)
  • Benny to have the install section complete in October
  • George is going to compile the About from existing sources in October

2011-08-29 Notes

Where do we begin?

  • About
  • Getting Started
  • Installation
  • Screen-cast Summary

What's next?

  • Check-out WOTutorial and comment
  • Pascal, determine where does the documentation should live
    • Right now, it will be on
  • Benny, organize and write-ups docs related to the installation process
  • Pascal, establish a github repo / "Documentation" folder (everyone use TextEdit-like app to edit)
  • George, confirm with Bill and mDimension that their JavaDocs are current
  • Benny, prepare beginner screen-share session on Installation for October

Other points of interest:

  • Johan discussed creating a usable set of code for examples; something more along the lines of "User" and "Person" objects vs. "Movies"
  • Bi-monthly hosted WO Discussion with slides and code examples toggling between beginner and advanced topics; highlight a component or best practice, i.e. installation, your 1st model, component content, nesting components, intro to ajax, ajax best practices, security, deployment

2011-07-27 Initial Meeting

We met on the evening of July 27, 2011. There was much discussion. Some links that were referenced in the meeting are:

A few things were suggested and, perhaps, decided. (Please do not be shy about editing this casual transcript to include your observations. -rk) We are going to meet again at the end of August (exact time TBD). We are going to be using this page to "anchor" our discussion. We have pages on a Confluence wiki on, but there are a limited number of accounts available on that site. We will use that to test plugins that we may want to use to assist our efforts. We need to familiarize ourselves with the documentation that is already written. Any other thoughts?

Other points of interest:

  • A list has been compiled of known resources of online docs, vides, and other bits; George is going to move the list to a Wiki page for anyone to update/review Directory of Known Docs
  • Many stressed the need for excellent beginner docs and deployment documentation - the starting and ending points
  • Everyone has been asked to help fill out a basic v1 Table of Contents
  • Create a project that is versioned in parallel with each section/chapter
  • Establish 2 monthly sessions via GoTo/WebEx, one for beginners and one for intermediate/advanced topicss
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