Dear community,

After reviewing comments made at WOWODC 2012 and discussing with active Wonder committers, we have decided we need to move forward. The first step is to cleanup Wonder a bit. Hence, we will release Wonder 6.0 on December 3 2012. 

Wonder 6.0 will be a "cleanup" edition. By cleanup, we mean removing or archiving code or tools that are obsolete and that almost nobody uses, and also introducing changes that might break small things. As it is already the case, Wonder 6.0 will be only for WebObjects 5.4.3 (WebObjects 5.3 users can still use the Legacy branch).

Wonder 6.0 will include the following changes:

- Remove woaFrameworkMerger

- Remove the entity-based ERRest implementation

- Update JasperReport jars to 4.7.0

- Moving old examples and frameworks to a Archives folder

- Remove pre WO 5.4 code

Later in 2013, Wonder 7.0 will be released, and it will require Java 1.6. Starting with Wonder 7.0, we will also start removing deprecated APIs that have equivalents.

A patch to find deprecated methods calls in your WOD bindings had been added to the integration branch of WOLips (see If you wish to try it out, use the WOLips37Community build available at

At WOWODC 2013, we will discuss the future of Wonder (we will also probably have a couple of Cayenne presentations). 

We will send a reminder a week before the release of Wonder 6.0. The first release will be done in the integration branch of Wonder and on December 15th, it will be done in the master branch. We will also do a Wonder 5.8.2 release before that, so if you have plenty of time to adjust your Jenkins setup or any other tools you use to fetch/build Wonder.

Thank you. 

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