Blog from January, 2011

We bought a WebEx channel for the community. That channel is a complement to WOWODC and will be use for:

  • presentations in other languages than English;
  • follow-up on WOWODC sessions;
  • shorter presentations (< 45 minutes);
  • case studies.

The channel allows a limited number of connections, so members of the Community Membership program have access priority to the channel. But we can record the presentation and the presenter can decide if the recording can be made available to everyone.

If you want to give a presentation on this channel, contact

Starting today (January 22), you can now become a Community Member! By becoming a paid community member, you are helping us building a stronger community and the money raised from membership will be use to pay hosting fees and other activities (for example, having a WebEx channel for presentations about WebObjects). And you also get access to past and future WOWODC content, for example if you become a member now, you get the recordings from WOWODC 2010 AND WOWODC 2011!

Community Membership is $150 for a Personal Membership, $300 for Corporate Membership and it's free for students! Community members also get a $115 discount for one WOWODC 2011 ticket when we open up registration for WOWODC 2011.

For registering, log to the WO Community app at:

And go to the Community Store to buy your membership.

If you came to WOWODC 2010, you automatically became a personal member, your membership will expire on June 30th 2011. Take notice that you won't get the $115 discount unless you renew your membership before May 15th.