Blog from November, 2010

David LeBer committed a new look for JavaMonitor! JavaMonitor is finally using CSS and some Ajax magic. You can get pre-built versions of wotaskd and JavaMonitor on the Hudson build server.

Many thanks to David for his work.

WOWODC 2011 dates

Hello everyone,

Ok so the majority of people who wants to present at WOWODC 2011 wants to do it in North America, so since a conference without presenters is pretty much useless, we will do it again in Montreal.

But to get more people at the conference, we are offering a choice of 3 dates!

• July 1-2-3 (Room rate: $129 Canadian dollars, Montreal Jazz Fest ends on this week-end)
• August 26-27-28 (Room rate: $139 Canadian dollars, Montreal Film Festival starts on this week-end)
• September 10-11-12 (Room rate: $139 Canadian dollars)

So tell us at which dates you can make it before November 27 so that we can select the best period to have the maximum of people to attend. As usual, we are using Survs to collect the feedback :

Conference cost would be between $450 and $550, it will depends on the number of sessions and if we are doing it at another hotel (in case we have more than 120 people).

Hello everyone,

Just the vast majority of the community is using Wonder, we are releasing the Getting Started with Project Wonder recording from WOWODC 2011 for free. It's a really good intro to Wonder and to properties management. Many thanks to Kieran for this!

Also, you will find a recording of Aurélien Minet's presentation of the Cocktail Association ERP for high education. It might be one of the biggest WO installation outside Apple, and it's open source too.

Just a note about the Cocktail presentation. I can't view the video in iTunes or QT Player 7, but it works in Safari or the new QuickTime Player. I don't know why since I can play the source works in QT Player 7. Maybe a 10.6.5 bug or something. So if you can't view it in iTunes, open it up in QT Player.

Check out the Screencasts page to get access to the podcasts.