Blog from October, 2010

A new example app was added to Wonder : Movies. It's an app that Travis wrote for WOWODC East 2009, and Pascal Robert added simple REST routes in it for WOWODC 2010. This app is a good showcase of best practices, and usage of ERAttachment, ERTaggable, ERRest, ERChronic and inline bindings.

Many thanks to Travis for his code!

A new version of WebObjects Safari Extension is available at

This Safari Extension allows you to connect to many WebObjects resources, and search inside the JavaDoc and the wiki.

Many thanks to Ken ISHIMOTO for this extension!

If you want to know how to use ERAttachment, David Holt wrote a simple application and did a small podcast to show how to integrate ERAttachment in your framework. Get all the details in the wiki.

WOLips 3.6 is now stable, so if you were using an older version of WOLips and Eclipse, get on board and start using Eclipse and WOLips 3.6. A frequent answer is about if we should use the Cocoa or Carbon version of Eclipse 3.6, the answer is try the Cocoa version first, it works quite well for most people.

More information about this release in the WOLips wiki space.

Miguel Arroz wrote an sample app (a distributed Notes application) whose back-end runs on WebObjects and front-end on iOS (iPhone). You can learn more about it and get the sample source at Google Code. Thanks to Miguel for releasing his app!

David LeBer presents this completely modernized set of WebObjects DirectToWeb frameworks, including brand new CSS- and AJAX-based pages and components.

Check the Screencasts page to get acces to the podcast.

ERModernLook is a modernized DirectToWeb look added to Project Wonder on April 13 2010. It features tableless semantic markup, uses the Ajax framework from Wonder to supply pragmatic ajax behaviour and a slick CSS. For more details, check David LeBer's blog.

If you are a member of the new Mac Developer program, or a member of ADC Premium or Select, you can now access some WebObjects sessions coming from previous WWDCs. Two sessions are available from WWDC 2008, one session from WWDC 2007, two session from WWDC 2006 and one session from WWDC 2005. If you want to learn more about WebObjects and are a member of the Mac developers, those sessions can be really useful, so check them out! They are part of the Information Technologies track.

New podcast - ERREST

A new podcast has been added to the Screencasts page, it's a recording of Mike Schrag's presentation at WO-NoVA on February 16th 2010.

Practical WebOjects, the book written by Chuck Hill and Sacha Mallais, is now available as a eBook! You can now read it on your iPad or other platfoms that can load this eBook.