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Becoming a Member or Sponsor

By becoming a Member of the WOCommunity Association, you help us pay the expenses related to the community, like the hosting fees for the server running, Jenkins and the wiki.

What are the advantages of becoming a member? Not only you help us out, but you also get

  • Access to all WOWODC recordings that have not been released to the public
  • A voting right for the board of the association

You can also become a Sponsor. By becoming a Sponsor, you get all of the advantages of being a Member, but your organization's logo will also be displayed on the home page! It's a great way to support the community while getting some publicity at the same time. For the record, the front page of the site was viewed 16 826 times in 2012.

Want to become a Member or a Sponsor?

Visit our Online Store to view and buy the Membership and Sponsor packages.

Our Goals

Our goal for 2013 is to raise $7500! So far, we have raised $14900

Our Gold Sponsors

  • Selbstdenker AG
  • Global Village Consulting, Inc.
  • XeoTech
  • Fuego On Demand
  • Helmut Tschemernjak

Our Silver Sponsors

  • Songsterr
  • NUREG GmbH

Our Bronze Sponsors

  • Selbstdenker AG
  • Web Help Desk
  • Global Village Consulting, Inc.
  • Logic Squad
  • Gail Holton
  • K's Room
  • John Larson
  • Fredrik Lindgren
  • Amedeo Mantica
  • Samuel Pelletier
  • media-ecom GmbH
  • Paul Yu

Our Members

  • Francois Bientz
  • doug andrews
  • David Avendasora
  • Dominique BAILLON
  • Bernard Bradley
  • Greg Brown
  • Timothy Burrow
  • Jay Campbell
  • James Cicenia
  • D Tim Cummings
  • Faizel Dakri
  • John Dobbin
  • Lee Evans
  • Nathan Hadfield
  • Paul Halliday
  • Johan Henselmans
  • Chuck Hill
  • Paul Hoadley
  • Jeff Jantz
  • Kieran Kelleher
  • davery laurent
  • David LeBer
  • Ron Lift
  • Joe Little
  • Baiss Eric Magnusson
  • Edward Merry
  • Stéphan Mertz
  • Jonathan Miller
  • Larry Mills-Gahl
  • Goetz Neumann
  • Andrew O'Brien
  • Gino Pacitti
  • Richard Palmer
  • Michelle Parker
  • Samuel Pelletier
  • Theodore Petrosky
  • Florian Refardt
  • Pascal Robert
  • Aaron Rosenzweig
  • John Ruggentaler
  • Markus Ruggiero
  • Sergio Sanchez Maffet
  • Jeffrey Schmitz
  • jens schulze
  • Péter Sebestyén
  • frank Stock
  • Markus Stoll
  • Jürgen Tabert
  • Matthew Taylor
  • Hugi Thordarson
  • Lon Varscsak
  • Adrian Wahl
  • Mark Wardle
  • Paul Yu
  • Bogdan Zlatanov

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