A list of annoying things about WebObjects and Wonder. This is just a place to complain. It is, after all, healthy to complain once in a while. So, what bothers you about WebObjects or Wonder? Anything? It is ok if you are not understanding something. The fact that someone might think something is true is a useful thing to know. A criticism does not have to make sense. A non sequitor is acceptable. There may be no ... answer to it, but you know that. And if anyone wants to respond, please do. But be kind. We are all just trying to find new ways to fail at doing all of the things we want to do. Add your own annoyances, comment on others' annoyances or comments, but, again, be kind.

Too Dependent on Eclipse - Dec 2021

Too many things are relatively easy to do in eclipse and then ridiculously hard to do on the command-line. It is very annoying.

No Session Recovery - Dec 2021

Really, I think everybody would want some standard way to do something when a session is expired, other than the default page, which is lame.

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